segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2012

30/01/12 Segunda-feira

Estou aproveitando estes dias que estou bem, e é assim que tem que ser, aproveitar quando se esta bem.Já deve ter visto as minhas perucas, risos, adorei, meu astral mudou, fiz até um book, risos. Vou colocar outras fotos. Espero que goste.


I do not know how to get ... tavlez saying thanks, but is not enough.
You always have this all these years away, much closer, always worried, always present even absent this ...
  And now this very difficult time of my life is made much more present, worries, always present with one word, hello.
Feeling their solidarity, their affection, their love, concern, makes me happy, it helps to pass this stage, because it is a phase does not love?We still laugh.
You're a wonderful man, sensitive, generous, kind.
Always remain so, now teaches his son to be the same as genrosofather amvavel, Solidarity, teach a man to be like his father, a man who does not exist.
I'll love you forever, my love is great, is not egosita, a love that desiresgood things for you and for all his new family, his wife, Luan for your sonand you wanted and amdado Edilson.
Again I say, thank you, not just for today, by this I loved, (I'll take picturesto send you), but for all the years I was always the same distance so close, so present.

I know that is not always rewarded, nor do I have to pay, the only thing I can ask is for God to protect you love, today, tomorrow and always!
Maybe one day we find it, maybe one day I can still embrace youwarmly, maybe ... but now I hold you now love, feel my abrço, lower to qualify for the hug please.

I love you!
Kisses in soul and heart.

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